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Since 2002, Alvin held several key Sales & Marketing positions in various MNCs & created an array of significant milestones in his corporate career. For a white collar in his early 30s who is earning a comfortable 5-figure income, many will agree the corporate ladder is "The Way" moving forward. 

Corporate Discussion

However, for a motivated & determined "go-getter", Alvin was hungry for the next breakthrough in his career, a bona-fide & life-changing breakthrough. Instead of being a part of a success story, he was determined to build his own success story.

Hence, Intense feasibility studies were carried out & finally options were being layed out:

1) Remain in a sheltered environment, continue to meet the management KPI, climb the corporate ladder & possibly look forward to a predictable retirement.

Corporate Ladder


2) Take the plunge, get out of his comfort zone, prepare for a pay-cut or pay loss, pull longer hours; so he can get to help his network and himself nurture & grow wealth through asset strategizing.

Take the Plunge

The choice was clear & there was no turning back...

In 2009, feeling confident he can apply 7-years of proven Sales & Marketing success, Alvin entered the Real Estate industry. 

Nonetheless, It was not a full "bed of roses". During the first year, learning curve was steeper than expected, quality time with loved ones significantly impacted, income slumped more than 70% year-on-year & to add, Marketing Costs eating fast into his savings. First year's result was lacklustre to say the least & Alvin was almost making a living from "hands to mouth".


You know what they say "when one door closes, heaven open up many doors for you (if you can see them)

Doors Open

Alvin begin to understand, how much he wants to earn depends entirely on how much he wants to learn. So at that very critical phase in his Real Estate Career, Alvin decided to "Burn his bridges", just so there is no turning back. To earn like the best, he must learn from the best. Alvin sees an opportunity when the most expensive Realtor training course in Singapore; ColinTan Training Consultancy enrollment was made available.

Alvin invested his last dollar. 

Fortunately, that was not his last.


Things turn for the better and Alvin soon discovered, 1 fundamental problem for his earlier failure. 

The big misconception is; Who he know is more important than what he know. 

But the big question is: how will Alvin's audience know his value if he doesn't know what he doesn't know?

3 fundamental principles:
~ Continuous learning to consistently Value-add Alvin's network with the best knowledge.
~ WHO WE KNOW is equally important as WHAT WE KNOW as Opportunities are only made available for those who are prepared & willing to apply
~ If time is an irreversible asset, be extremely selective with who you choose to work with

missing puzzle

Alvin applied new fundamental principles, revamped his business framework & begin to strategize how he can better value-add his network & work towards financial freedom.

Key to Success

True enough, the new formula works. Alvin's partner experience mind-blowing asset growth and his personal income quadrupled within a short span time.

Explosive Growth

"Being the cheapest will not get you far, but if you are able to consistently value-add by applying what is being taught, you & your network will experience explosive growth" 
-Alvin Low

Up next,

Alvin's further transformation: From a Buy/Sell/Rent/Invest Property Agent to become an Asset Strategist. How a "4-letter word" helped double his client's asset within a short span of 4 years...

Beyond Expectations

To be continued...

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