How Asset Planning helped Alvin's client Quantum-Leaped towards Financial Freedom

Mr and Mrs Siva Alvin Low Testimonial

It is with great pleasure and heartfelt appreciation that we write this email to thank Mr. Alvin Low for his invaluable services and high professionalism as our property agent. Since engaging him, we have had a wonderful and stress free experience in managing our properties. 

He was introduced to us by a friend while we were having thoughts about selling off our current property. Initially, we assumed that Alvin would only be like any other agents we have met, merely assisting us in selling the property. However, it came to us as a pleasant surprise that he offered more than advice on selling our properties but suggested ideas in asset management and wealth growth. We were not well-versed about managing the growth of our wealth through property investment. Alvin brought us through the whole process patiently and sat through many hours with us to clear our doubts. Through the hours that we spent, we realised that Alvin is not only very knowledgeable in his area of work but truly a people person. He understood our financial constraints, our family situation, our aspirations and our limited knowledge on property investment.

Many a times, my wife and I share the thought that “Alvin is really God’s sent” and someone who has certainly “shown us the light”. He has been inspirational and motivational in his approach. 

Although we have dealt with few agents with regards to our properties, Alvin stands out clearly. He has been very sincere in understanding our financial situation and efficient in providing the best financial solutions. He has never failed to show his enthusiasm in value adding to our current asset plan by providing the support and expertise about what best works for us. He has also been very punctual in completing all the necessary paperwork. His enthusiasm has really taken us back many times and his professionalism is beyond what we expect of any typical agent. 

Thus far, he has completed three transactions for us and we are very pleased with the investment that we have made. We have never failed to notice how he deals with his fellow agents professionally and “powerfully” negotiates with them with our needs in mind. We met few times as late as 11pm to complete the transactions and Alvin has been accommodating in meeting the deadline deals.  

We are still engaging him to manage our assets and we will continue to do so. It is within our means and has brought us a lot of confidence in growing our wealth. We will not hesitate to recommend him to our friends. We wish Alvin great success in his career and we strongly believe that he brings the value of Propnex to his customers. 

Yours sincerely,  

Mr & Mrs Siva


(Feb 2015)

We are not new to real estate & have bought and sold several properties before meeting Alvin.

We are also aware of several rounds of cooling measures introduced over the past few years.

In a sense, after some research, we had a "plan" before we started our 2nd property hunt.

In August 2014, we shortlisted & responded to one of Alvin's online Advertisement.

During the viewing appointment, we noticed Alvin pitch very differently. Mainly because he was able to propose very creative strategies for us to save ABSD, qualify for 80% loan & yet own 2 local private residential properties. What amazes us was, all strategies proposed allows us to leverage on cooling measures & are well-within the new TDSR framework.

We decided to find out more.

Through our communications, we discovered noteworthy differences between other agents and Alvin:
- he listens with an intent to understand our needs
- he puts in effort to structure & tailor-make solution to further value-add us
- Most importantly, He puts our interest in 1st Priority & we can trust him.

Often in his own words, “Although it's important to understand the benefits of owning 2 properties. But ultimately, you have to feel comfortable. And I'm here to ensure everything go according to plan as we embark to forge a Freehold relationship"

Like many multiple-properties owners, AFFORDABILITY was one of our main concern before embarking onto an asset restrategizing journey. Alvin was able come up with creative ideas to ensure our monthly commitment to own 2 Residential properties is lower than owning 1. Yet at the same time, create a reserve fund to fortify a "back-up" plan for rainy day. These were just a few of many strategies Alvin have applied to ensure we feel comfortable, buy within our means & that our Asset Plan is a low/no risk one.
While looking for a 2nd investment property, instead of recommending WHAT product to buy, Alvin shared with us HOW to identify a "sure-sell/rent pte property" through the "4R" and "LOR" Assessment. To us, this is indeed a valuable takeaway and reflective of Alvin's capability, experience, expertise, professionalism & trustworthiness.

We believe in numbers. 
Alvin don't fail to educate us with updated statistics for us to understand(in the Mid ~ Long Term) if our HDB remains an Asset or has become a New Liability.

We are grateful we made a "well-informed" decision for an Upgrade.

Although we have only done 3 transactions through Alvin & after our HDB sale & 2 Singapore Private Residential Properties purchases, we are able to achieve the following results:
1) Maintain affordability even if Interest Rates Hike goes up to 3.5%
2) Upgrade Real Estate Portfolio by >400%
3) Pay Lower monthly installment by >60%
4) Project pragmatic Potential Upside by >200%
5) Generate Vacancy Reserve fund to last >3 years
6) Most importantly, we have Alvin to ensure our Money work doubly hard(in Real Estate) for us while we sleep soundly at night.

Our gratitude goes beyond words.

A recommendation will definitely be an understatement for our "Freehold Asset Strategist".

- Ian & Madeline (Manager & Teacher)
Asset Upgrader
(Jan 2015)

We first met Alvin Low when I was trying to find unit for office purpose. We were impressed by his courtesy and enthusiasm, and we decided to ask him to represent us as a buyer as well as a seller when we wanted to upgrade to bigger unit.  

We were not disappointed.  He was quick in responding to our queries and provided answers in great detail.  Alvin was also patient and professional. He works hard and shows dedication to his clients.  

I definitely recommend him to anybody who has serious intentions to purchase a property. 

Best regards,   

-S. Christy (Architect)
Asset Upgrader from Pebble Bay
(Dec 2010)

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