How Sellers gained Unfair Advantage from Alvin's Sale Strategies

Charmaine & Leslie

I would like to take this opportunity to relate my recent Sale & Purchase experience while working with Mr Alvin Low from Propnex Realty.

My husband and I got to know Mr Alvin Low through the recommendation of a friend who was then using his services. Having heard good reviews about him and feeling disappointed with our current agent (for not being able to secure the OTP for our desired flat), we decided to meet up with Alvin. 

From the get-go, we were immensely impressed with Alvin for his thorough financial calculations, his knowledge which was backed by concrete data and his professionalism during the meeting. We decided to sign an exclusive agreement with him on that very day.

Throughout the entire sell/buy process, Alvin was easily contactable and gave us his precious time freely at no cost. His financial guidance throughout the whole process was invaluable because it enabled us to have the confidence in upgrading our portfolio, making firm financial decisions and have enough cpf to cushion for rainy days for a few years. This was very important to us being parents of 2 young children, we have to ensure a stable roof over their heads for many years to come. 

This important and significant value added service from Alvin was something which was sorely lacking from the other agents which I hired previously . There were plenty of other good value added services provided but I decided to highlight this important one to us.

Alvin's resourcefulness and quick thinking skills got us through challenging situations when it occurred , he provided good solutions and enabled the whole process to be completed smoothly and on time!

Overall, Alvin is not 'just an agent' to us, his professionalism goes way and beyond what was and is required of him. 

The most advanced IT tools used or numerous certificates possessed cannot be compared to the sincerity and heart of an outstanding agent. 

Finances permitting, we hope to engage Alvin again for future transactions.

Thank you for helping us in securing our beautiful home and we look forward to moving in soon!

Best Regards,
Leslie Fong and Charmaine Ho
162 Simei Road

(4th November 2016)

Mark & Julie Testimonial Pic

We would like to express our appreciation at having Alvin as our agent.

We contacted him originally to sell our condo in Pebble Bay in 2012.  He made extrordinary efforts to sell our property for our very stubborn asking price. Unfortunately the introduction of "Cooling Measures" abruptly ended the chances of a sale.  

As time moved on, Alvin maintained contact with us and we again decided to place the condo on the market as recently as 3 weeks ago.  Alvin sat with us and clarified - very patiently I might add - the current property market.  Our own research indicated he was correct in his assessment.  Alvin also discussed his strategy, which at first we felt was a little "backward". But over the years we came to trust Alvin and we settled on a price we were prepared to accept and signed him up.

We had a single viewing by 5 possible pre-vetted purchasers. That evening Alvin presented us with 2 scenarios and we chose to stick with our original price for a quick sale rather than delay the process while others sold their house and compensated us with a premium.

Alvin not only secured an immediate sale, but also negotiated the full premium with one of the buyers!  He maintained from the outset that he would get more than the original price and he certainly delivered on his promise. That is a rare quality. 

At all times Alvin maintained a positive, knowledgable, energetic and professional position, making the decision easy and stress free - and pleasantly rewarding.

Thank you Alvin!


Mark and Julie Board.

(March 2015)

Karen & Kevin

We responded to a text message from Alvin as we thought that it was very different from those general ones sent.  When we met, we were impressed by his courtesy and enthusiasm even though there were other agents around as it was during an open house for the sale of our unit at Water Place.  

He was very professional and very responsive and kept us updated on the status of each viewings.  After his successful sale of our unit at a price above our asking price, Alvin even assisted us in hosting a garage sale for our furnitures.  He works very hard and shows great dedication to his clients.  I definitely will recommend him to anybody who has serious intentions to purchase/sell a property.  Thanks!

Karen & Kevin (Developer) 
Satisfied Sellers from Water Place
(June 2012)

I was with a previous agent and she had difficulty in selling my house for 2 whole years. Alvin came along and within a few months, my house was sold. I wish I had met him earlier. I would have made a bigger profit from the sale of my house if Alvin was my agent to begin with. He was prompt and helpful in his services and I highly recommend his service!

Peter Chan (Managing Director)

Gratified Seller from Parc Aston

(Dec 2010)

My first business experience in selling my property at Braddell Park is with Mr Alvin Low . During the negotiation stage, I notice Mr Alvin to be very professional in handling business matters between both seller and buyer. I find Mr Alvin to be efficient in handling properties for any potential sellers or buyers.  


-William Wong (Director) 
Motivated & Satisfied Seller From Braddell Park
(Dec 2010)

We were referred to Alvin Low by my niece who is another client of Alvin's. From the favourable report, we appointed Alvin as our agent to sell our property.  

We were impressed by his commitment, constant feedback and courteous approach.  We were always able to contact Alvin and he was quick in responding to our queries and provided answers in great detail.  Alvin was patient and professional.  He works hard and shows dedication to his clients.  

I would definitely recommend him to anybody who has serious intentions to sell a property.   

-C.Y. Lau, (Managing Director) 
Satisfied Seller from Kum Hing Court
(Dec 2010)

Thank you very much for your efficient and quick handling of resale of our flat. We are extremely satisfied.  Your quick responces were amazing. Ours was not a normal case involving hospital records,surgeon's opinion,  legal matters, power of attorney etc. Your systematic approach, understanding of issues at hand and systematic  approach paid off sooner than expected.    Once again we appreciate your excellent services. We can recommend your company to our friends without any hesitation.    


-Dr S D Ramaswamy and R Jayalakshm (Lecturer)
Satisfied Sellers from Pandan Gardens
(Sep 2011)

We were first introduced to Mr Alvin Low when he was representing a seller to sell a 4-room flat next to ours. From our observations, it was very clear that he is a very experienced agent, with immense knowledge and skill in property information. As we were also keen to sell our flat, we proceeded to seek his assistance. From the onset, we were very impressed with his immediate response and professionalism in going about helping us with the property sale. Importantly, he kept us informed every step of the way and took the time to patiently respond to whatever query we had. We must say that Alvin has not just been an agent, but more of a partner in guiding us through this process. 
On the whole, we are delighted with Alvin’s dedication and wholeheartedness in responding to our queries and taking us through the selling process in a thorough and comprehensive manner. He also has a well established network of contacts, which proves useful especially where there are unique circumstances and the selling process is not so straightforward. For example, in our case, where there was a need for legal counsel, Alvin was able to connect us smoothly to seek legal advise without us having to source for help on our own.
We recommend Alvin strongly to anyone looking to purchase, sell or rent property. We deeply appreciate his hard work and capabilities in handling our case, not forgetting the professionalism and perseverance to steer us in the right direction.  

Nithya and Amol Paithankar (Banking Professional)
Sellers from Pandan Gardens
(Jan 2011)
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