How Tenants benefitted from Alvin's Value-Adding Approach

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In December 2013, we were an expatriate couple on a look-out for a place to call home in Singapore. We have lived in several countries and have worked with various Realtors. In a sense, we are aware of unpleasant experiences from fly-by-night / unlicensed realtors who can disappear immediately after penning on the dotted line. And in some extreme cases, we heard of scary stories about scamming Realtors who will run away with Rental deposit.

To a certain extent, we were cautiously optimistic when we embarked on this Home-Hunting journey.

Fortunately, we got to know Alvin through a co-worker’s recommendation. When we hear good work this Realtor can deliver when 2 of our colleagues got their preferred apartment with an awesome location, great price and most importantly, a nice landlord(to work with for the next 2 years), it did not take long for us to contact him.

Alvin was the first agent we met and engaged in Singapore. His professionalism and “non-pushy approach" left a very pleasant and lasting impression from day-1. He explained the need for a tenant to understand payment schedules, leasing procedures, how to identify a good apartment & importantly a good landlord. This gave us a lot of confidence as Alvin demonstrated he does not tolerate surprises and had our interest on top of his priority list when he was representing us exclusively. We are glad we were not disappointed.

We wanted Alvin to know; Home to us is an abode we can seek solace and chill out after a day of hard work. Sense of space & peace is on top of our priority. Alvin is able to identify these “needs” immediately after we touched-base & yet maintain a fine balance by working within our prerequisites without exceeding our budget.

Naturally, as tenants, to avoid having the "short-end-of-the-stick” & to widen our search, we wanted to see as many units as possible before our lease starts. 

Alvin was extremely patient. He explained the compelling need to understands our pre-requisite, see qualified listings so we can spend more time shortlisting good units than viewing unnecessary ones.

This made our search radically purposeful & rewarding.

During the viewing sequence, we were pleasantly surprised by his professional attitude. There is always a post-viewing report presented to us just in case we overlooked what we’ve spent time qualifying. 

We are very fortunate to shortlist a very good unit after 10 qualified viewing sequences.  We understands time is of the essence during the course of negotiation. However,  we were very new to the country and our banking facility hasn’t been set up. Fortunately, Alvin was able to secure a good deal while we are provided ample time for our funds to reach Singapore. 

After our successful move into the apartment, we wasn’t expecting & were pleasantly surprised when Alvin consistently kept in touch to check if we are settling into Singapore comfortably and things are in place. Through a recent brunch session we had with Alvin, we notice the relationship we garnered has evolved beyond “transactional". It has grown from strength to strength. 

We now regard Alvin as a friend. A guiding light who enables us to see the true value a Singaporean Realtor can offer when an expat friend comes looking for a home on a sunny & friendly Island!

Although, this is our first working experience with Alvin on a Real Estate Transaction, We are certain this will not be the last!

I have to say Alvin’s work ethics, professionalism, personality & post-transaction follow-up stands head-&-shoulders to some of best we have worked with before. 

A recommendation will certainly be an understatement.

An Expat friend,
Jonathan & Dana
CottonOn Singapore
(March 2014)

We are a Japanese Expatriate Couple and have stayed in Singapore for several years. 

In 2012, our Landlord has decided to increase rent and we had to move out and find a new place. We used to work with Japanese property agents, however they did not have a property within our requirement.

Hence, We started our home-hunt by visiting various online portals.

We called so many agents.The result is; we couldn’t find a place that meet our all our requirement. I have come to a point where, I have almost given up hope on working with so many agents and viewing so many place, at any given time.

Until 1 day, I found a rental listing with a beautiful presentation showcasing a stunning piece of property created by Alvin.That presentation was very simple & informative. We can instantly visualize how this piece of property can “work for us”.

I called Alvin immediately. 

Alvin makes an effort to remember our Japanese family name, which was quite unsual for a local agent. For us, this left a very good first impression.

During the viewing, qualifying, negotiating, documenting & eventually moving-in process, Alvin’s knowledge, professionalism & politeness continues to impress us. A very contrasting experience as opposed to working with other Real Estate Agents.

After we moved into the unit, Alvin was still reachable and responded to our request promptly. 

We are very happy to work with Alvin.We will certainly recommend his services.

Thank you Alvin for taking care of us.

Nao & Nana Sukegawa (IT, Key Account Manager)

(April 2014)

Kanako & Darren
My partner and I came to Singapore for work, having previously been in Japan and were quickly made aware of how difficult a task it may have been to secure an apartment given our lack of previous knowledge of the process in Singapore. We contacted Alvin from Japan and a number of other agents. Almost instantly the depth of information provided by Alvin was great, providing us with a decent platform of apartments to consider and processes to review before arriving.
We met Alvin very quickly when arrived and were really reassured by his exceptional level of customer service. His manner was polite and friendly. He showed us a number of apartments which were all suitable to our criteria; this gave us great confidence that we could find a place that we could really settle in. When we found the place we really wanted to secure; Alvin was there to explain every step of the way things were going and what we should do. When we faced some difficulties with paperwork etc, Alvin was quick to work out another method of completing it that would not jeopardize the move. It became apparent very quickly he was prepared to go to great lengths to help his clients; much to our appreciation.
We were very grateful with Alvin’s efforts to help us secure an apartment we can settle in and would have no problem in recommending him to others who wished to secure a property in Singapore.

Kanako & Darren (Education Specialist)
Tenant from Casa Aerata
(Oct 2012)

Nikki & Eiichi

It is my pleasure to write a personal recommendation for Alvin Low. Upon arriving in Singapore, my partner and I quickly realised that looking for a rental property can be a very stressful experience for someone unfamiliar with the multitude of differences between the real estate market here and in Australia.

Thanks to Alvin, the process became almost effortless. Alvin was the first agent that we had dealings with who displayed an exceptional level of honesty and integrity, and was able to place us completely at ease. He was always punctual and professional, and kept us informed through every step of the rental process. 

As a result we have found the perfect apartment in a great location for a price that we are more than happy with. Alvin is someone who is clearly willing to exceed expectations in order to provide satisfaction for his clients. I consider myself very fortunate to have met him, and will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to friends or anyone else who is in the same situation as myself. 

-Nikki, Senior Auditor residing in Tiong Bahru

Satisfied Australian Tenant

(June 2012)

Olga & Hans

Alvin is one of the best agents we ever met. He is very professional and straightforward in his negotiations. We were able to get a beautiful apartment for rent at a very short notice and a very reasonable price. He seems to be very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the property business. We will definitely use his services again in the future. Keep up the good work!

- Olga & Hans (Pilot & Business professional) 

Tenant from Vertis

(July 2012)

Alvin helped us select and negotiate rental of an apartment when we first arrived in Singapore. As newcomers to the country we found Alvin's advice and guidance invaluable. He was quick to respond to any queries, and always friendly and easy to work with. We would be happy to recommend Alvin's services.

-Nick and Mayumi Frank (Business Owner)
Supportive Tenant from Casuarina Cove
(Dec 2010)

Alvin was helping me search and secure my current apartment in The Metropolitan. He was one of the best agents that I have ever met. I was impressed by his professionalism, good understanding of the market, client-oriented attitude, and excellent negotiating skills with landlord.

After moving into my place, he was also very helpful for any issue related to the facilities. I am very happy with Alvin and highly recommend him to whomever needs help with house search.

-Charles Zhou (Banking Professional)
Tenant from Metropolitan
(Dec 2010)

Having previously dealt with other agents in Singapore, I can honestly say that Alvin Low stands head and shoulders above them. Nothing was too much trouble for him, and his help and advice went beyond my normal expectation of an agent. I can, without hesitation, recommend him.  

His professional service is outstanding and proves that the choice of agent is very important when embarking on a search for property.   

-Captain Chris Jarvis (Airline Pilot)
Tenant from Costa Rhu
(Dec 2010)

Our experience with Alvin was superb! He is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful, and having him representing us when renting a property in Singapore was a pleasant experience. We would highly recommend him to our friends.    

Alvin is always contact-able via phone or E-mail. He was there every step of the way.  He is a consummate professional. He knows his business &  do not fail to give his time and share his knowledge generously.  Keep up the good work!!! Thank u very much!

-Matthew Wong (Electronics Professional)
Satisfied Tenant from Parc Aston
(July 2011)

I would like to thank you for all your support and help. We have been particularly impressed with your professional and pleasant demeanor. It has been a pleasure engaging with you and we will definitely recommend you to our colleagues and friends.   

-Pratyush & Nitya (Sales Manager)
Tenant from Costa Rhu
(Sep 2011)

When I had first moved to Singapore, I was clueless as to what to  look for in a potential neighborhood, where to start looking, and who to trust. In a nutshell, I was completely lost in a foreign country. 

And then I met Alvin. I had randomly called up Alvin regarding a potential rental. From the first phone call, I immediately felt a sense of reliability. By the end of our first meeting, I was determined that Alvin would be the Agent representing me. From then on, Alvin sincerely listened to my needs and found the perfect place for me. 

He was responsive, prompt, extremely knowledgeable, a truly skilled professional. I was touched that he would go beyond his responsibilities to make sure he was fully representing my needs. Thanks to Alvin, I was able to find a home that I loved, with a great owner, and favorable rental terms. 

Even after the deal was closed, Alvin often checked in to make sure that I was settling in nicely to all aspects of my new life in Singapore, even if it was beyond his realm of profession. He has since become my family in Singapore. 

I enthusiastically recommended Alvin to several of my friends, who have all had the same wonderful experience as I was privileged to have. Alvin’s philosophy in business is to make a new friend. In his words, “Business is what I gain through friendship.” Thanks to Alvin’s business philosophy, I have gained a friend for life.  

-Jee Hyon Kim (Banking Professional) 
Loyal Tenant from Bishan 8
(Jan 2011)

I first met Alvin Low when I responded to a Real Estate advert online  for an apartment in the fashionable East Coast Area. I was impressed by his honesty, patience and positivity, and i am delighted that he represented me in the rental market. 

I had dealt with many agents who sadly lacked such qualities so was so relieved to meet such a professional agent.  This is very helpful to an expatriate such as myself, as I previously had no knowledge of the Singapore market. I was not disappointed.  

He was quick in responding to my queries and provided answers in great detail yet still simplifying complex transactions.  Alvin was also patient, professional and reassuring. He works hard and shows dedication to his clients.  

I would definitely recommend him to anybody who has serious intentions to rent a condominium in Singapore.

-Ross (Business Director)
Tenant residing in Pebble Bay
(Dec 2010)

I first got to know Alvin through a friend who was very satisfied  with his services. I was looking for a condo when I first came to Singapore and basically didn’t know what to expect. 

Thanks to Alvin, the whole condo-search process was hassle-free and fast. Moreover, he found me a place that perfectly fitted my requirements for an ideal home.  Finding  a new place to live in a foreign country isn’t the easiest thing to do especially when you’re working full time, but Alvin provided great help that made the whole process very enjoyable. 

I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to rent a place for the first time in Singapore.

-Shon Harim,  Banking Manager 
residing in The Trumps
(Dec 2010)

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