7 kind of people who will not have chance to grow their Real Asset

1) The Doomsday Buyer- One who pray and hope for a natural disaster or Financial Crisis, but strangely did not buy anything during '97 Asian Financial Crisis, '01 9/11, '03 SARS or '08 Sub Prime.

2) The Hesitant Buyer- One who is always actively looking for something in the market, but hesitates when a good buy is identified. Often his After Action Review(ARR) is regretting an Opportunity 

3) The "Trust-No-One" Buyer- this discerning group has a distinct feature, one who only believes in him/herself. Common belief = I'd rather be responsible for my own action(with non-verifiable statistics) than to take good advice from "Deceptive Real Estate People"(with verifiable data and statistics). Everyone needs to make a living & put food on the table for their family. It's how you identify a professional one with proven track record and leverage on his/her expertise.

4) The "I'm-not-in-a-hurry" Buyer- this very interesting group of Buyers is the most genuine amongst the 7. He feels I have time, I'm still young, the more houses I see, the more choices I get! To a point, viewing becomes a compulsory "weekend activity". Months or even years passes by and when the "right one" eventually appears, believe me, he will still not buy because prices have risen past his comfort level. Sadly, In comparison, his peers who started home-hunting 4 years ago are ready to upgrade their asset to a bigger /2nd property(s) from their Property Sales Profit.

5) The "Expert-Worshipping" Buyer- one who believes whole-heartedly to what the expert say.  Do you think when one is labelled as an expert, does he own several properties? 

If yes, what makes you think they themselves are not buying "low" & at the same time "pitching" a further price dip? 

You may ask "Why should they do that?" 

By now you should understand why you paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars to listen to Expert who can show you where the pocket of opportunities are in this market.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you made a 6-figure profit by listening to an "Expert"?

6) The Stock Buyer- I call them the "bottom-out hunters" or one who attempt to buy property like how an amateur buys shares. Always expecting to "enter the market" @ bottom-out price. Question is; how does "bottom-out price" exist when subsequent "low" (after a crisis) is higher than previous "low" in Real Estate?

Unlike an amatuer, only an experienced investor like Warren Buffet can understand and say:
"Be Fearful when others are Greedy & Greedy when others are Fearful"

7) The "Perfect House" Buyer- One who believes there is a property for sale that will tick all his checkboxes. Often, the property that ticks all his checkboxes are over his budget. After months or years of search, he becomes tired and finally gives up. 

In Summary

In reality, often, there is no property that you want to buy in a crisis(because there is FEAR that prices have not bottom out) Or one property that ticks all the checkboxes. But if you know how to leverage on the experience and expertise in Very Important People(VIP) in a real estate transaction; I.e. Experienced Realtor/Conveyancing Lawyer/Mortgage Banker/Valuer/Surveyor/Accountant & etc with track record, you may be surprise your buying experience can be more rewarding than anticipated.

Before that,

Are you talking to the right people & ready when the opportunity comes knocking?

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